Goodbye cast. Hello future.

Prescribe and order custom orthotics in under 2 minutes.

Why choose GROM?

No mess

No need for a messy plaster cast. 3D scan your patient feet anytime, any place

Save time

No waiting for casts to dry. 3D scan and send your patient’s feet measurements in seconds

Lower cost

Gain instant access to a network of fast, affordable, and high quality producers from across the globe

Happier patients

Delight your patients with less time in consultation and accurate scans to the micro meter

How it works


Use our app to scan your patient’s feet in 20 seconds

Choose producer

Pick your ideal manufacturer and complete the prescription form


Send your scans and forms to your manufacturer of choice instantly

‘GROM is like a dream come true.’

Douglas Horne D.Pod M M.Ch.s

Lets get started.

GROM | Prescription Application for Medical Devices