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We integrate clinicians and custom insole producers through our state of the art order management software. Let us help you improve your customer experiences while we take care of providing you with the most advanced digital health technologies.

Mobile Prescription


Prescribe and order custom orthotics in under 2 minutes. No need for a messy plaster cast or iPad app with limited functionalities. No waiting for casts to dry. 3D scan your patients in seconds and manage every aspects of the order process from one app.

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Order Management System

Manage your prescribing clinicians and their orders through a all-in-one web and iPad platform. Whether it’s digital prescription, order adjustment, inquiries, status updates, or track & trace, your customers are automatically kept in the loop.

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User experiences

Douglas Horne (Podiatrist)

“The technology is state of the art and there is a good user interface. It has been attracting extra patients!” (more)


New Line (Laboratory)

“Their platform optimizes and integrates our all order management processes while helping us improve customers experiences!” (more)